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Conoce a nuestros instructores

Dr. Jorge Quiroz Gil

JORGE QUIROZ-GIL, is an Electronic Engineer from Universidad Iberoamericana, México. He holds a Master Degree on Control Systems from École Superieure de Eléctricité, France, and a PhD degree on Control Systems from Université de Rennes I, France.

Dr. Quiroz has worked in several automation projects in Sugar Mills, Steel Mills, Hydroelectric Plants in CFE and INDE in Guatemala, CFE Transmission’ssubstation automation, Distribution Terminals at Pemex, Automotive Industry (GM Motor Plants), Thermoelectric Plant Simulator for CFE’s operators training, etc. In the last 19 years, Dr. Quiroz has had several positions in GE. In 2010-2015 Dr. Quiroz hold the position of SG Technical Solutions Director within GE Digital Energy business in Latin America. Since the integration with Alstom, Dr Quiroz is responsible for eBOP offering for renewable projects in Mexico, full GE GS portfolio in Costa Rica, CENACE EMS project in Mexico, Telmex Account, and technical support for SG projects in the Mexico, Central America & Caribbean subregion.

Since 2010, Dr. Quiroz represents GE Grid Solutions in all SG working groups in Mexico and holds the position of President of the Consultant Committee of SG Mexico, which is part of the Global SG Federation (

Since 2012, Dr Quiroz also gives a lecture on Distribution Modernization in the SG Programme at the National University of Colombia.

Acerca de la plataforma

Smart Innovation es la plataforma de Capacitación, Innovación y Nuevas Tecnologías para el entrenamiento en línea en relación a las nuevas tecnologías que están transformando nuestra sociedad e industria


Participación Internacional

  • Smart Grid México jurado de los premios de Smart Grid 2018

    Smart Grid México jurado de los premios de Smart Grid 2018

    Smart Grid México AC y Latam Smart Community Alliance forman parte del jurado internacional que está evaluado los mejores proyectos de Red Eléctrica Inteligente.

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