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Conoce a nuestros instructores

Irfan N. A. Siddavatam M.E

Phd. Scholar (Part-Time) in VJTI, from 2014 with research area “On Cyber Physical Security: through Data Driven Slant”. Associate Professor in K J Somaiya College of Engineering (Since 2001), Department of Information Technology (Information Security Specialization). Major responsibility is to conduct Post Graduation courses like Application Web Security, Modeling and Analysis of Security Protocol, Ethical hacking and Defense. One of his jobs was published in Journal : 03 International Conference 16

Industry/Government Interaction and ongoing project:

  • Cyber Security Preparedness Survey of Power Systems (Completed in year 2014-15)
  • Industries Visited: MSEDCL, MAHATRANSCO, Mumbai.

He has as a partner: India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF), National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre (NCIIPC) in which he has worked a rigorous survey involving all carder (Managerial to Operation Engineers) and more than 200 questions. The objective of exercise was to understand how critical Infrastructure sector (Power Systems) prepared in terms of cyber security threats.

He participated in HACKATHON at ISGW 2016 and 2017 in collaboration with India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF) in partnership with National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Center (NCIIPC), and Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (TPDDL), Designing, preparing and testing set up for the challenge. The challenge was to ‘Capture The Flag (CTF)’ which involves participants to hack into a SCADA system, toggle a switch and safely exit the cyber space of the system without being detected. Winner had an award of INR 1,00,000/- and Certificate for Championing the Event.

He has developed Cyber Security Studies Related to SCA Evolution (Ongoing) - Project by: ABB GISPL GLOBAL INDUSTRIES AND SERVICES Private Limited. Where he propose as objectives of the Project. Research, explore and prototype using alternatives to OpenSSL in SCA (Ex. Network Security Services[NSS]) Research and prototype advanced TLS procedures (Ex. Re-negotiation) and Add support for Crypto Hardware in SCA.

He worked IRNSS GPS based Platform for Power Grid Wide Area Monitoring With the Proposal Sanctioned by : Space Applications Centre (ISRO) Where he worked aims at development of IRNSS based applications for Indian power grid wide area measurement system. Indigenization of such a system with IRNSS platform shall be crucial for securing critical infrastructure like power grid. Further, solutions obtained for GPS spoofing in power grid can be applied to other ecosystems employing GPS for navigation and precise time stamp applications.

Acerca de la plataforma

Smart Innovation es la plataforma de Capacitación, Innovación y Nuevas Tecnologías para el entrenamiento en línea en relación a las nuevas tecnologías que están transformando nuestra sociedad e industria


Participación Internacional

  • Smart Grid México jurado de los premios de Smart Grid 2018

    Smart Grid México jurado de los premios de Smart Grid 2018

    Smart Grid México AC y Latam Smart Community Alliance forman parte del jurado internacional que está evaluado los mejores proyectos de Red Eléctrica Inteligente.

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